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Rand Software ( trading as Program Management)
Since 1985
Clipper conversion


Migrating your Clipper, DBASE or DOS programs to windows XBASE.  Menu driven systems 

Clipper migration to Windows XBASE 

With today’s  technologically driven world there are many companies of all sizes that are still using older   software to run their business.

We receive  phone calls inquiring as to if a conversion to the latest Windows  is possible.

Yes is the answer !

Rand Software is able to make this conversion using  XBASE  that enables you to use your existing codes and data files .

 This also means that we are able to customize your software to meet your newer  needs. 

Support for your existing Clipper program 

We are also able to make changes to your existing Clipper/DBASE/DOS even if you are not ready to switch to the new Windows programs. 

Clipper decompiling 

Rand Software   is also able to help re-create lost source code. We use a service that decompiles your  current exe programs.

 If we are unable to find the missing source code then we rewrite your source code . 

Rewrite “DOS”, Clipper, DBASE to XBASE 

We migrate DOS-based versions of clipper to a more modern windows version of XBASE. Many older versions of clipper, DBASE and DOS can be converted to a more updated version of windows XBASE, along with all your files. 

How to contact us 

The simplest and fastest way for us to determine what conversion is needed for your business, is for an examination of the source code to be done.

 Should your application be larger than a standard business, a small fee might be required, as this process does take several hours to complete and therefore our fees are time based.

Once the code (or program) has been analyzed then a  quote will be sent to you via email, stating what conversion your company may need. 

Email or call us at RSA 011 792 4429 for more information about the services we offer.


Cell 082 212 0324   Landline +27 11792 4429   Fax 086 512 0511 (South Africa only)
5 Swazi Road (off Boschkop Ave, off Ysterhout), Boskruin, Randburg
PO Box 462, Bromhof, 2154, South Africa